Industrial Injury Prevention FAQ

Answering your burning questions about the Industrial Setting

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About the Injury Prevention Specialist (IPS)

Do I bill for services?

No! While you work under a team/company physician, you provide care based on your scope of practice and when necessary, under OSHA regulations.

What does an average day look like for an IPS?

Day to day, there is likely to be a wide variety of things you may do as an IPS. This includes floor/station visits and evaluations, coaching and early intervention to assess and manage injuries, development of exercise & stretching routines, and more depending on your site!

What are examples of places that I may work?

Basically… just about anywhere! Distribution centers, food production, auto-manufacturing, warehouses, construction sites and more!

About the Industrial Athlete (IA)

Who is an IA?

Someone who moves for a living, lifting, pushing, pulling, working on their feet for most of the day, moving dynamically, helping to run the industries of the world.

Who is the population that I would see?

Just about anyone! You may work with someone fresh out of high school or close to retirement. You will help industrial athletes that have varying experience in sports and human movement – some with little to no experience, and others with a great understanding of how to use their body. You can truly help EVERYONE in this setting.

Making the Switch

What education do I need to practice in this setting?

Licensure as a Physical Therapist or Certification (and licensure is required states) as an Athletic Trainer.

How does an average income compare to other settings?

With any job, salary is likely to be influenced by location and experience. But on average, an Athletic Trainer in the Industrial setting makes close to $62.5k (see reference) per year while an ATC in a traditional setting may make closer to $62.1k per year (see reference).

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