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Continuing Education for the Industrial AT/PT

Dedicated to providing clinicians with continuing education and resources that can support their career onsite as an industrial injury prevention specialist.
Continuing education

Courses built for the Industrial Clinician



Watch our webinars and related resources for the information you need - skip the fluff!


Learn about the differences in the industrial setting and what you can do about it as the onsite clinician.


The tools learned in our courses leave the clinician ready and empowered to make a difference in the workplace!

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I have loved the applications directly to industrial athletic training. You don't find many CEUs that are directly for the industrial setting. The courses are easy to follow and understand as well!
— Rachel, ATC, Injury Prevention Specialist
they were so easy to navigate and had great information in them! I am a newer Certified Athletic Trainer, so this was a great resource for me to get a better understanding of what Industrial Athletic Training looks like! I would highly recommend Learn Right to any Athletic Trainer seeking CEU's, the information is applicable in every setting!
— Peyton, ATC, Injury Prevention Specialist
It's difficult to find topics geared towards industrial athletes. The Learn Right [course] cater to that.
— Sam, ATC, Injury Prevention Specialist


We know the industrial setting can seem daunting to those unfamiliar with it. That's why we have an introductory text in the works!
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