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Learn Right University, a sister company to Work Right NW, was created in 2019, with the original objective of creating accessible, high quality continuing education that was succinct, engaging, and informative to the Industrial Clinician. Today, while we aim to offer this type of continuing education, we strive to provide comprehensive programs that will aid in Industrial Injury Prevention preparation and better prepare Certified Athletic Trainers and Physical Therapists for their transition into the setting.
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Our Mission

To change how we learn, integrate, and apply new information. The mission is not to expose students to every possible problem they encounter, but rather to develop students into master critical thinkers. By educating in this way, we educate the world.

We offer the best industrial clinician resources!

We know that switching from the traditional setting to the industrial can be a bit intimidating. But you are an ASSET to the workplace and can make a huge impact on so many lives. We want to support that curiosity and career shift!

BOC Approved

Our courses are all BOC approved!
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Relevant & Succinct

We started this company as a way to support clinicians with information that is relevant to the industrial setting and provides the information that matters! We know clinicians are pressed for time, hence the design of our courses!

Industrial Clinicians

Our courses are all created by clinicians that are CURRENTLY working in the industrial setting. Our clinicians can approach the nuances of the industrial setting based on experience and share them with all!
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New students join every week!

Join our community of students from all around the world!

Meet our team

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Mindy Patee, M.ED

Co-Founder & Curriculum Advisor
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Chantel Gorton, PT, DPT, SCS, CEAS

Content Director & Clinical Mentor
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Sara Thistle, LAT, ATC, CSCS

Program manager
Learn right university course instructors

Meet our Course Instructors

Amelia Walsh, MAT, ATC

Meet Amelia!

Amelia is an industrial injury prevention specialist based out of California and is passionate about mental health and suicide prevention topics within the workplace. She has completed over six hours of suicide prevention training and has obtained her mental health first aid certificate. Check out her practical suicide prevention course!

Meet Angelica!

Angelica has been practicing in the industrial setting for about four years and is currently completing her fellowship in Florida as a speech pathologist. With a special interest in speech and communication and a love for industrial injury prevention, Angelica loves to find ways to blend the two for the betterment of her Industrial Athletes. Check out her course on communication in the workplace!
Chantel Gorton, PT, DPT, SCS, CEAS

Meet Chantel!

Chantel spent much of her Physical Therapy career in the sports and clinical setting, 13 years, before transitioning to the industrial setting where she has been preventing injuries for over five years in the Pacific Northwest. Chantel is not only a course instructor for Learn Right, but she is a clinical mentor and oversees all content as content director. Chantel has taught a number of the Learn Right University courses - see if you can find them and get started today!
kara johnsen, pt, dpt

Meet Kara!

Kara has been practicing as Physical Therapist for over 6 years, working in the orthopedics setting as well as the industrial setting. With her focus on ergonomics, she is passionate about delivering evidence based treatment tailored to the individual utilizing the biopsychosocial model, strength training, manual therapy and education. Kara has numerous courses in our course catalog. Find them and enroll today!
katie finn, pt, dpt

Meet Katie!

Katie has been practicing as Physical Therapist for over 13 years with experience in the sports and clinical setting. Six of those years have been focused on preventing injuries in the Industrial Setting. Katie is particularly passionate about educating her Industrial Athletes about the benefits of strength and implementing ways to do so! Her isometrics course will be out in the near future!
Sara Thistle, lat, atc, cscs

Meet Sara!

Sara left traditional athletics just over two years ago, transitioning to her current role as an Injury Prevention Specialist in the Industrial setting. With a special interest in strength & conditioning, Sara looks for way to integrate it at her current industrial site on the east coast. Sara has a few courses available now!
Marta Borkova, pt, DPT

Meet Marta!

Marta practices as a Physical Therapist in the Northwest where she works to prevent injuries in the Industrial Setting every day! She is particularly passionate about chronic pain and how we as Injury Prevention Specialists can address the prevalent issue with alternative means to better help our Industrial Athletes. Check out her courses on chronic pain and medical imaging!
Kaylee Trocano, atc

Meet Kaylee!

Kaylee has been practicing as a Certified Athletic Trainer since 2014. Throughout her experience, she found a passion in ergonomics and safety, finding an opportunity to combine them with her experience as an ATC. She is currently an Occupational Safety and Ergonomic Specialist in the Industrial Setting and works to create safer environments and prevent injuries! Check out her Teaming up with Safety to Prevent Workplace Injuries course!

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