BOC Approved - 1 Credit Hour

For the Clinician: An Introduction to Industrial Injury Prevention

This introductory course is designed for new industrial injury prevention clinicians, or those just curious about the industrial athlete! We are passionate about providing quality education and training and believe we can make a big impact on the industrial setting by shifting our focus from reactive treatment to prevention. As an athletic trainer or physical therapist, you have the knowledge and skills to equip our workforce with the tools they need to lead a healthy and safe lifestyle, both at work and at home.
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ft. course instructor Angelica Pawlowski

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Course Contents

What our students say

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As an Athletic Trainer that has never been exposed to the industrial setting, this course gave a great intro into the setting and all of the things that I could provide.
I have completed previous CEU courses that are offered for free, and this one being free, provides excellent evidence-based information. I appreciate the use of articles and the video for additional education.

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