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Breathing Aspirations

by Miranda Zamora-Williams
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Breathing Aspirations dives into optimal breathing function and provides tools for the industrial clinician to assess and correct three dimensions of disordered breathing. Evidence is presented on how breathing can be used as an innovative adjunct for psychophysiological and musculoskeletal conditions in diverse industrial populations. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn CEUs through Learn Right U?

Clinicians can earn CEU’s through Learn Right University by creating a profile on our site and enrolling in the course of their choice. Our courses are offered in video/text format and will include a webinar, additional resources, application and discussion forum sections, a quiz, and a survey. Upon completion, your certificate of completion is available to download straight from the course site.

Who am I "discussing" with during the courses?

Our courses have a cool feature that allows learners to chat with each other within the course! If you are chatting with others, those are fellow clinicians enrolled in the same course!

How easy is it to communicate with the course instructor?

The course instructor is able to see the chat forum and likes to engage with the learners!

Are your courses approved for PTs in my state?

It is the responsibility of the clinician to verify that courses are approved for their states. For individual inquiries, please contact sara.thistle@workrightnw.com.

What are the requirements to teach a course on LRU?

Interested in teaching a course? That's amazing - if you have an area of expertise in the field of injury prevention or industrial safety that you would like to share, we would love to hear from you! Email sara.thistle@workrightw.com for more information.

Who do we talk to about course topic suggestions?

Email Sara Thistle (sara.thistle@workrightnw.com)!