New Year - Let's Train!

WRNW Annual Training Bundle

This bundle includes all videos that pertain to your REQUIRED 2024 annual training.

DUE DATE: 2/1/2024

All trainings within this bundle must be completed by February 1st, 2024. 


If you joined Team Work Right in Q4 of 2023, you are not required to retake ALL courses. See below for the course required to take / retake.

New / Updated Trainings

For those of you who recently onboarded (Oct - Dec 2024), you must complete these trainings again:
  • BYOD Policy (new)
  • Email Protocol & Electronic Communication (updated)
  • HIPAA (updated)
  • OSHA Compliance (updated)
  • Technology & Equipment Loan Policy (new)
  • Two Step Verification (new)
  • Workstations, Electronic Media & Network Security (updated)